Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's Saturday night and I'm home alone.  Mark's moonlighting it at the hospital, so it's just me and the ol' internet tonight.

Some life updates:

We've been married for almost a month now!  All of our gifts have found a home here in the "condo".  All of the thank you cards have been written.  Except for three.  Why can't I just write these and be done?!  I'm also super psyched to get our wedding pictures back from the photographer.  She was amazing!

Mark was just offered a full time position at the hospital and he should start his new hours sometime next month!  Congrats baby!

School is winding down.  Only 6 more days left!  It's been great so far, we are just starting to get into the meat of learning our profession.  So intimidating and exciting at the same time.  I have all of August off.  I suppose I need to get my lazy butt out into the world, find a job, and start pitching in around here! 

Next weekend we are going camping with my sister (Jordan) and her husband (Jon) and possibly another couple.  I love camping!  The peace and quiet, the campfires, the smores, long walks through nature, the rain, the tent (that leaks), the air matress (that leaks), raccoons stealing our food, the lack of clean facilities.  Wait...why do I love this?  Oh's vacation.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette: First Impressions

But first I must say that I cried like a baby watching the LOST finale last night.  It was a good thing Mark was at work cause he would have been rolling his eyes at me.  I'll admit I wasn't one of the "super fans" of this show, but today when I woke up I felt a wierd sense of mourning.  I get emotional with TV sometimes.

Now on to The Bachelorette! 

Ali is this seasons Bachelorette.  She is the girl next door type that guys love.  She is cute but she's got some little teeth.  I always look at peoples teeth idk.  Her favorite color is yellow and she likes to fish.  Will any of these guys pick up on that? 

The dress she wore tonight was a black full length gown with a train.  It had no back and was low cut in the front making for some awkward moments of near "wardrobe malfunctions" whenever she hugged one on the guys.. How's that for a first impression!

This episode was not without some drama in the form of a "Ballot Box".  Each guy was to submit the name of the guy they felt was "here for the wong reasons".  Remember Wes from Bachelorette Jillian's season?  I thought this was totaly unfair and I'm glad they didn't boot the guy who eneded up with the most votes and left it up to Ali whether to cut him or not.

Here are my first impressions of the 25 guys.

Frank:  You are a little bit over the top, but funny.  You gave up your career to do something you love and Ali really likes that in a person.  You get a Rose.

Jay:  I'm sorry but you have a really stupid haircut and you called her "Sweetie" too much.  You do not get a rose.

Craig M.: I wont hold it against you that you are from Canada but you seem like a real douchebag.  Your crazy tie caught Ali's attention.  You get a Rose

Kyle:  The self proclaimed "Mountian Man".  You've killed a bear and many other animals but you couldn't capture Ali's heart.  You do not get a rose. 

Justin AKA "Rated R":  The pro wrestler.  You were singled out by all the guys as not being here for the right reasons (which seems to be the new theme for The Bachelorette) but Ali decides to give you a chance and gave you a Rose

Phil:  Your dead brother inspired you to train for triathelons.  Good for you.  But you do not get a rose.

Jonathan:  The Weatherman from Texas.  You were also really funny, but be careful of talking to much and dominating the conversations.  I see future clashes between you and Craig M.  You get a Rose.

Ty: The Tennessee country boy with the big ears.  Your're divorced but have yet to disclose that to Ali.  You get a Rose.

Chris L.:  32 years old.  You left your job to be with your family while your Mom was dying.  A true man to the core.  If Ali doesn't keep you til the end we might be looking at the next Bachelor!  You get a Rose.

Roberto: The only minority on the show.  SUPER cute and Ali really digs ya because you win the First Impression Rose!

Tyler V.: We didn't see much of you this episode, but you have a sweet voice and a quiet demenor.  You get a Rose.

Derrick:  Oh Derrick!  Or should I say "Shooter".  Please don't ever tell any one the story behind your nickname.  Premature ejaculation is not funny or cute to women.  You do not get a rose.  Duh!

Steve:  You have dark curly hair.  That's all Ali knows about you right now.  You get a Rose.

John C.:  You want to be the guy to propose to you did.  With a fake ring.  Not a good impression (since you are slightly gayish) but an impression none the less.  You get a Rose.

Kirk:  Did you learn to make roses from paper napkins just for Ali or is that your pick-up line for all the ladies?  You also made her a scrapbook.  I guess if Ali gets cold you could knit her a sweater too?  Your crafty and you get a Rose.

Chris H.: You were the first one out of the limo...I guess that counts for something.  You get a Rose

Jesse:  A peculiar man from Peculiar, MO.  You caught Ali's attention with a homemade necklace.  You get a Rose.

Chris N.:  You gave Ali a real rose (pay attention Kirk) and she gave you a Rose.

Kasey:  Your voice drives me crazy.  It sounds like you have a flem bubble in your throat.  You get a Rose.  Please clear your throat.

John N.: Who are you?  You do not get a rose.

Craig R.:  The instigator.  It must stem from the fact that your the least attractive of all the guys.  Nothing says love like a yellow tennis shoe keychain.  Well, Ali liked it anyway.  You get a Rose

Hunter:  You wrote Ali a song on the ukealele that was funny and cute, but your treating this show like a competition.  You have been warned.  You get a Rose...barely.

Derek:  You brought a bunch of dirty leaves and threw them all over the Bachelorette.  Not cool.  You do not get a rose.

Tyler:  You wore cowboy boots because you saw Ali wear a pair on last season's The Bachelor.  Only that wasn't Ali.  Thanks for making me laugh tonight.  You do not get a rose.

Jason:  The last guy out of the limo and you did a back flip off of it!  Impressive but your bad attitude is not.  You do not get a rose. 

If the emotional Exit Interviews from the 3 guys who had their's aired is any indication of the rest of the group, I'd say we have another drama filled season coming up!

Happy watching!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Late Late Nights

Mark is an ER nurse who works 12 hour night shifts.  That means he goes in at 7 pm and gets home around 8 am the next day.

This makes his sleep schedule the total opposite of mine.  He's a vampire and I'm the girl in love with the vampire.

Hmmm....vampire nurses... that could be a great TV show!

I often wonder what he does while I'm upstairs in dream-land. 

Maybe he shops online for new clothes, prices out vacations to Disney World, and checks up on his favorite blogs and message boards.  

Oh wait....that's what I do.

Mark probably researches motorcycles, how to brew his own beer, and eats Doritos.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what he does.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$1 Brownies

I forgot to post last Friday and this Monday but know this my friends...

they were the best Friday and Monday I've had in a long time.

I'm 4 days away from leaving my job!  says the girl in a recession

I made brownies last night. 

They were the kind from the box and I bought them because they were only $1.  And that makes them less fattening.

It's a fact.

In my mind, why would anyone want to eat a tiny candy bar for $1 when they could eat a whole pan of brownies for $1?  Don't argue with me sweetie. 

These weren't the best brownies I've ever had. 

I cooked them a little too long so the edges are extra extra crispy.  I like my edges chewy but not too crispy.

They are super flat and dry.  Like a desert.  Oh!  Maybe the box said desert brownies not dessert brownies, in that case I only blame myself.

And their most disappointing quality...not chocolatey enough!  Ugh!

But none of that stopped me from eating 1/4 of the pan last night!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thunderstorms and Mickey Mouse

It has been gray and rainy here for the past 3 days.  It is so blah.

Last night I dreamed I was in Disney World with my family and we were in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm.  For some reason I didn't have the proper shoes on so I had to search all over the Magic Kingdom until I found some.  It took forever and when I finally found a pair (which were NOT good for rain or Disney) and tried to pay for them the cashiers were sooo slooww!  Ugh your cutting into my park time!

When I woke up, it was thundering and lightning outside and I was sad that I never had time to ride Space Mountian.

I think I dreamed about Disney because A) I really want to go back there B) The Pioneer Woman is there right now and she is blogging about it and C) I really really really want to go!!!

Here are my Top 7 Favorite Things about Disney:

7)  The Monorail: I could ride that thing for hours just listening to the announcements and looking out the window.  Ahhhh.

6)  Mickey Ice Cream Bar:  Sure it's just ice cream covered in a chocolate shell, but it's shaped like Mickey Mouse and you can only get them in WDW!

5)  The Polynesian Resort:  This is the first on-site resort I ever stepped foot in and I haven't stopped dreaming about staying there since. 

4)  The Hunted Mansion:  The coolest, creepiest, silliest hunted house ride ever!  And the only haunted house I'll ever be caught....dead in....Muahaa! 

3)  The World Showcase:  Shop, snack, drink, and walk your way through 12 countries in about an hour!  My personal favorites are Germany, Japan, and Morocco.

2)  Fireworks:  Walt Disney World has some of the best firework displays I have ever seen.  And they do these shows every night 365 days a year!  All set to music and lights of course.

1)  Mickey Mouse:  I'm pretty sure these were the first words I learned to spell.  Every time I see Mickey Mouse in person it's hard not to be star-struck and turn into a little kid again.

I'm going to make Mark promise to take me there after I graduate and you better belive we will be staying at The Polynesian!

When you wish upon a star...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life Without Cable

We don't have cable tv at the "condo".  We have an antenna!  We get 8 channels!  Woo hoo!

Here are the channels we get:

CBS:  Good for Jeopardy! and The Amazing Race.  But not much else.

CW: They play reruns of Rosanne (remember when they won the lottery? talk about jumping the shark!).  I used to watch the New 90210 here but not so much this season (Silver's a lesbian with Bruce and Demi's daughter? WTH?!)

NBC:  This might be my favorite network.  I always watch the Today Show before work.  And Parenthood is my favorite new show!  My Thursday nights are consumed with Community, Parks & Rec., The Office, and 30 Rock.  So funny!  What makes me crazy is that this station loves to disappear randomly and screw up my world.

WXSP:  Useless except for Scrubs and King of Queens reruns. 

FOX:  One word...Glee

ABC:  They have finally got some funny programming on here.  I love Modern Family and Couger Town (I wish I could drink wine with them all day!).  The Bachelorette is starting up soon!  I hate their choice of girl (Ally from the last season of The Bachelor) but I'll probably get sucked into it.

PBS:  I definately feel my age old when I can't stop watching Antiques Roadshow and This Old House, but there are no commercials so when am I supposed to change the channel?

CREATE:  A PBS type channel.  I am addicted to Americas Test Kitchen and Rick Steve's Europe.  I want to start a Euopean Vacation Fund!

Those are the best 8 channels we get.  We also get a Radar Weather channel, a What's On PBS channel, and a odd channel called W that shows programs from the other side of the world.

I don't really miss cable all that much.  I don't think my life is suffering because I can't watch Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives of New York. 

Yeah I'm ok. 

I'm ok.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Bothering Me Today

The rain

The cold temperature

My cold feet

My outdated clothes

My hair

My flabby stomach

The piles of mess at home

My prickly legs

My desk

Smell ya later peeps